STEM Education


Secor Strategies has supported STEM Education projects for NASA, the Florida Space Grant Consortium, the Boston Museum of Science, Universities, and non-profit organizations.  This support has ranged from: overall coordination of projects; to hosting virtual events; to providing outreach, reporting, budget management, and other services. These projects include:

* NASA Swarmathon
* NASA Minority Innovations Challenges Institute (MICI)
* UTeach initiative – STEM undergrads w/ Teacher Certification
* Florida Governor’s School for Space Science and Technology
* NASA Astronaut Glove Contest at US Astronaut Hall of Fame
* National Science Foundation Day in Florida
* Virtual Workshop with NASA Associate Administrator of Education 
* National STEM Grants Virtual Conference
* NASA Lunabotics Career Fair
* NASA Lunabotics College Recruitment Fair
* STEM Grants Online Bootcamp
* NASA Summer of Innovation Grants Support Program
* Recruitment, Instructional Webinars, & Virtual Conference for NASA Olympionics
* Review and evaluation committee for NASA RMC grant proposals
* Virtual “E” Conference with Boston Museum of Science
* Shooting and production of promotional video for Astronaut Memorial Foundation