Program Management

Secor Strategies provides program management services to clients, so that clients can channel their efforts into their areas of expertise.  This allows clients to focus on what they do best.

Secor Strategies’ proven track record in program management also makes the business and ideal partner on grant proposals which involve labor intensive scopes of work.

* Outreach and recruitment of programs to participants
* Developing websites, social media, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts
* Surveying and tracking participants
* Managing project logistics and timelines
* Coordinating virtual events (including webinars, opportunity fairs, and virtual webinars)
* Coordinating workshops, meetings, and special events
* Preparing monthly and annual reports as required
* Implementing formal evaluations
* Overseeing budgetary issues, forecasts, and providing budgetary reports as required
* Preparing renewal applications as necessary

Examples of project management services Secor Strategies has provided include:

* Florida Governor’s School for Space Science and Technology
– Outreach to potential applicants
– Coordination of all logistics – hotels, meals, classrooms,
– Developed and oversaw daily itineraries for lectures, tours, meetings at NASA, etc.
– Budget management and oversight of all expenses

* NASA Astronaut Glove Contest at US Astronaut Hall of Fame
– Secured location and set up event site
– Assisted with competition activities

* NASA Minority Innovations Challenges Institute (MICI)
– Recruitment of universities and participating schools, 
– Securing Subject Matter Experts for presentations
– Producing over 30 webinars annually
– Tracking participation, creating reports for NASA, and promoting program
– Assisting with budget management and budget forecasting

* Formal Evaluation of Service Leadership Brevard
– Completed formal evaluation of program for Department of Labor by analyzing pre and post metrics

* Virtual Workshop with NASA Associate Administrator of Education
– Produced virtual workshop including live presentations from NASA Headquarters and 13 different universities.

* NASA Robotic Mining Virtual Career Fair
– Produced virtual career fair for undergraduates involving employers from several different technical industries, and customized virtual booths for each exhibitor.

* NASA Robotic Mining Recruitment Fair at Kennedy Space Center
– Marketing and outreach to high school students
– Secured 20+ Universities and 12+ NASA scientists and engineers to meet with students
– Development of registration system, event passport, and event program

* UTeach initiative – STEM undergrads w/ Teacher Certification
– Budget management, budget reports, and financial projections for program
– Ordering teaching materials, textbooks, science kits necessary for 100+ student teachers
– Drafting quarterly and annual reports to the State as necessary
– Coordinating student recruitment events, promotional materials, and meetings

* FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation – Annual Report
– Assembly and publishing of FAA COE CST annual report exceeding 500 page in length

* Florida Tech re-accreditation w/ Southern Association of Colleges (SACS COC)
– Assisted in gathering documentation for specific sections in the re-accreditation application
– Drafted narrative sections as needed

* Training Webinars for the Florida Manufacturing Extension Partnership
– Produced training webinars in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and other manufacturing topics for a Department of Labor project 

* Recruitment, Instructional Webinars, & Virtual Conference for NASA Olympionics
– Developed promotional materials and conducted site visits to community colleges to recruit students
– Produced technical webinars to train students and faculty on different technical challenges
– Conducted Virtual College Recruitment Fair

* Review and evaluation committee for NASA RMC grant proposals
– Reviewed and scored proposals from universities seeking grants.

* Coordination of the NASA Swarmathon involving universities from across the US
– Assisted in development of project budget
– University recruitment efforts involving direct mail, social media, email marketing, and phone calls
– Development of website, application forms, registration forms, Q&A forum, instructional downloads, etc. 
– Logistics involving managing applications, testing and shipping robots, ongoingemail communications to 400+ students, etc.
– Producing training webinars and Virtual NASA Opportunity Fair
– Coordinate all on-site logistics for 2 day competition at NASA Kennedy Space Center

* Virtual “E” Conference with Boston Museum of Science -“Putting Engineering back in STEM”
– Created of website, registration system, all-access pass, and payment gateway for participants
– Produced live presentations from 12 different experts
– Produced Virtual Expo featuring virtual exhibit booths for each presenter
– Posted recordings of presentations, as well as powerpoints, behind paywall